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People coming to church!

Pilgrim Church is committed to becoming fully accessible to those with disabilities.

For those with physical challenges:

  • There are three handicapped parking spaces in front of the church and a ramp that leads up to the front door.
  • There is an elevator in Fellowship Hall to assist people up to the sanctuary (go into Fellowship Hall through the right door after you enter the building).
  • There is a ramp from the door near the choir in the sanctuary which provides access to other rooms on the second floor.

For those with hearing challenges and for those who are partially sighted:

Hearing assistance earphones and large-print bulletins are also available for Sunday worship. An usher will be happy to help you with them upon request. This site also has a feature on the home page to allow those who have trouble reading the content to enlarge the size of the font.

At present we are in the midst of a exploring other ways we can achieve our goal to become truly welcoming to all. If you or your children have other needs that we should be aware of, please call the church office at 508-655-1667.