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Called to Care Ministry

2 elderly women with flowersThe Called to Care ministries at Pilgrim Church are “behind the scenes” ministries that provide comfort and support to members and friends in our immediate church community that are in need. There are many simple ways that you can be a part of the call to care! Add your name to a pool of volunteers who we call on occasion for special ministerial needs, such as driving, cooking or note writing. If you are able to help out at that time, terrific! If you can’t, no problem, we’ll try you next time. Following are some easy ways you can be involved in our wider church ministry:

Caring Cooks
Share your gift of hospitality and love of cooking by bringing a meal, a loaf of fresh-baked bread or a homemade coffeecake to members and friends of our congregation who are just home from the hospital or just had a baby or are ill.

Dedicated Drivers
Share your gift of time by offering a lift to members and friends of the congregation for such trips as a doctor or dentist appointment.

Correspondence Ministry
A Caring Cook bringing a mealReach out to members of the congregation and our wider community by writing a personal note at a time of joy, sorrow, illness, loneliness or concern.

Circle of Prayer
A prayer ministry that lifts up members and friends in need in weekly prayer via the internet.

The Caring Committee
This groups meets monthly from September to June to confidentially discuss the members and friends of the church who are homebound or in need. The members of the committee make regular visits to the people discussed and work closely with the Council on Aging and other community groups to ensure the well-being of the members and friends in need.