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Christian Education

This ministry works with the Christian Education Directors in creating, implementing, and supporting programs within Church School, Family Worship, Youth Fellowship, Confirmation, and Adult Education.  The ministry endeavors to strengthen Christians of today and nurture Christian leaders of tomorrow by preparing the ground in which individual faith can grow and be supported as that individual participates in our community of believers.


Church Lay Leaders working as a  ministry team that is primarily responsible for preparing the sanctuary for service, assisting with Communion, Baptisms and memorial services and working with the pastoral staff in organizing, planning and leading worship.

Leadership and Resources

Using gift-based resources looks to connect members of the congregation with the various areas of ministry and committee work within the church.

Memorial and Endowment

To encourage donations to the Endowment and Memorial Funds of Pilgrim Church, to administer those funds, and to implement the Memorial and Endowment policy.

Pastoral Relations

A small group of members who provide support for the pastor and provide a regular channel of communication between the pastor and the congregation.  It maintains an open exchange of ideas between the congregation and the minister. Acts as ministers advocate.


Manages the church’s Human Resources in a manner that results in trust and good will between the pastor(s), staff, lay leaders and congregation.

Property Trustees

Members of this ministry work on issues that pertain to the maintenance, upkeep and oversight of the church building, grounds and equipment. To preserve the integrity and beauty of the church facilities and grounds with regular maintenance and planned improvements. To provide a safe and comfortable environment for all who use Church facilities.To oversee the use of all Church property.

Stewardship and Finance

In conjunction with the Financial Secretary and Treasurer, the Stewardship and Finance committee is responsible for the oversight of all Pilgrim church financial activities, including budgeting and financial planning.  It helps to create and implement the annual stewardship campaign, and educates and informs the congregation about stewardship.