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Welcome Home bookletBecoming a member of Pilgrim Church shows that the church community is an important part of one’s personal and/or family life. Our own faith is strengthened when we share in the life of a community of faith. We welcome you to explore what it means to be a member of Pilgrim Church as well as learn about the United Church of Christ. Individuals and their families who join Pilgrim Church come into a caring and supportive spiritual home base. Moreover, a commitment to membership in a congregation can help sustain people in the inevitable low or dry times in a life of faith. Christian faith occurs in community, in the company of others who share common values, hopes and dreams.

When membership is being considered, a thought to keep in mind is that ultimately membership is about relationship; relationship with God, relationship with the people of the congregation, and relationship with the church. In every relationship there is a commitment, at some level, as well as a time of giving and a time of taking. We offer New Member classes two times a year, in the Fall and in the Spring. To learn more about membership at Pilgrim Church please contact Janet Walsh, our Director of Congregational Ministries at 508-655-1667 or