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About Pilgrim Church, United Church of Christ

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Pilgrim Church is a part of the United Church of Christ (UCC).  The UCC is a community of 1.2 million members in 5,600 congregations across the United States. The UCC is a denomination that unabashedly engages both heart and mind. Founded in 1957 from several different Christian traditions, we are a unique church that affirms the hope that Christians do not always have to agree to live together in communion.

Our Shared Faith

In the UCC, we embrace a wide variety of faith expressions.  In covenant together we seek to explore more deeply what it means to be a Christian in the world today.  We invite all spiritual seekers to join us.  Our basic beliefs are rooted in the historic Christian tradition, and include:

  • Jesus Christ was God in the flesh and appeared in human history to teach us about God’s hope and love for the world.
  • The Bible is a repository of human witness to the awesome power of God and it is the responsibility of each of us to engage and interpret scripture for our lives, the life of the church and the life of the world.
  • “God is still speaking” and God’s truth is still breaking forth.
  • Church is the community to gather together in worship and fellowship: to support one another, learn about Jesus and apply the lessons of his one life to our whole lives.
  • God wants the world to be a better place. It’s our job as active Christians to be vehicles for God’s peace, justice and love.
  • We recognize two sacraments: baptism, which affirms a personal relationship with God and connection to the Church; and communion, where we remember Jesus in the breaking of the bread and drinking from the cup.
  • We affirm a Statement of Faith (see link below), not one historic creed or list of doctrinal tests of faith.
  • God calls us into an extravagantly welcoming community of believers and seekers; young and old, newcomers and longtime members, families and individuals, gay and straight. No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

Additional information from UCC.org:

Pilgrim Church is also a member of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ (MACUCC), a fellowship of more than 400 churches across the Bay State.